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Quant Technology is a leading technology and education provider focused on helping individuals learn, and analyse the world in a numbers perspective. We have created a comprehensive educational platform, where you can achieve better insights and education about innovative solutions.

One of the standout features of Quant Technology is the comprehensive educational package that we have build with over 25+ years of experience in technology and design. We will help you improve your view of the world by using our product.


We Streamline Development Operations with Advanced Technology Solutions Quant Technology is a leading technology service provider focused on propelling customers toward success. Our suite of services - A comprehensive educational program, Custom CRM Solutions, and Email & API Integration - is designed to meet the unique demands of clients. With Quant Technology, experience the fusion of innovative technology and industry-specific insights that drive success for your needs.


The first step to getting started with anything is by first learning how it's done the right way.

Custom CRM Solutions

Once you learn the basics of how things work, you can start taking your knowledge to the next level.

API Integrations

Helping you grow is why we are here! Our products offer everything that you were looking for!

Our Services and Solutions

Quant Technology is here to help you with your needs. How can we help you? From our comprehensive educational platform, custom CRM solutions, automated Email integrations, and our proprietary in-house built interactive dashboard.

Comprehensive Education

Our comprehensive educational platform provides clients deep insights into our CRM Custom Development Solutions and Advanced interactive Dashboard where customers can take advantage of our custom in-house developed Dashboard and Applications.

Custom CRM Solutions

With our custom CRM solutions we build cutting- edge technology and infrastructure with custom interface and custom development service. We provide you with the tools to gain a competitive edge.

Email/API Integrations

Automation of any development and applicatio is essential for a seamless experience. We automate email systems, API connections with custom in- house developed applications and any of your needs.

Interactive Dashboard

Quant Technology delivers a streamlined experience with a robust infrastructre that's the backbone of our services. We recongnize the need for customizable technology that is compatible with most systems from any proprietary development to third-party softwares and apps.

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